Technology is part of our story.

And its a truly local story. "Making coffee roasters has been our family business for over 20 years." says Esther. I use a Fox Design Air-Flow Roaster, made and designed in Tasmania by our family company.  

"I was previously Manager of Marketing and Sales with the family engineering and design company. We sold coffee roasters up and down the east coast of Australia. I have sold roasters with Dad, and now I am roasting my own coffee label so there has been a collaboration between generations.

Our roasters blow hot air through the coffee beans to roast with a controlled temperature profile. This is the secret to creating a superior flavour without the bitterness of many other coffees. Traditional coffee roasting uses a metal drum roaster which can burn the beans and create a bitter flavour. The Fox Design Air-Flow Coffee Roasters are controllable, so you get a consistent flavour every time.