Tasting Notes - D'Entrecasteaux Coffee

This premium quality coffee is suitable brewed or as espresso. It exhibits delicate berry and floral notes upfront, with a cocoa & toffee finish

"I have selected this origin because it is a sustainable choice and is high quality. It's as local as I can get because Australia does not grow much coffee." says Esther. "The coffee I roast is effectively organic, although as it is grown by small lot farmers, they cannot always afford certification." It is grown in the valleys of the Western Highlands of PNG, so our coffee supports the livelihoods of native people of PNG. "Ethical sourcing is important to me and I have put a lot of thought into integrating sustainable values into the business." says Esther.

Single Origin:      Papua New Guinea

Grown at Altitude:     1400 – 2200 metres above sea level